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Laser Cutting Measurement

Jun 27, 2018

In the face of a wide range of materials, flexible machining shape, laser cutting equipment can be well-qualified complex processing, with high speed, high precision, high quality meet the automotive, aerospace, medical care, plastics, electrical and electronics, textile, and other industries the application requirements.

The judgment of the cutting effect can be measured from the following aspects:

laser cutting machine sample


The cutting edge is more or less leave a mark, the depth of the line determines the roughness of the cutting surface. The lighter the grain, the lower the roughness, the smoother the surface.

Generally, the thinner the material thickness, the lower the surface roughness. The lower the surface roughness of the oxygen cutting surface is the use of nitrogen or argon.


And due to the cutting beam is by focusing on the exist divergence feature, this leads to when cutting (especially thick plate cutting), material thickness direction of the light spot size at different depth of the inconsistent, resulting in the cutting plate surface and the surface cannot reach an absolute 90°, or on the surface of wide wide or under the surface. Generally speaking, the thinner the material thickness, the better the vertical degree; The better the beam quality, the better the perpendicularity. In addition, the focal point of the spot is related to the relative position of the material thickness direction.

(3) Burr

Excellent cutting, cutting edge should be no burr, because the burr needs to be dealt with. This is related to the process parameter matching, material type, and beam quality.


Because the laser cutting essence is hot cutting, the plate cannot avoid deformation, and the excellent cutting should be minimized to minimize the adverse effects.

Special attention should be paid to sheet cutting. Generally speaking, the faster the cutting speed, the narrower the slot and the larger the gas flow, the smaller the deformation.

laser cutting machine

Leizelaser 500 w to 1500 w laser single-mode continuous fiber laser using water cooling, has high power, the ideal beam quality, free maintenance, high electro-optical conversion efficiency features, can be used for stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials cutting, welding, drilling, in sheet metal cutting, metal processing, has been widely applied home appliance manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and other fields.