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How Do Laser Cutting Machines Deal With Burrs?

Aug 21, 2018

Laser cutting machine technology is how to deal with the problem of the burr, some customers in the use of the laser cutting machine to process sheet metal, cutting the workpiece are not ideal, a lot of burrs. The main reason for burr is due to improper operation of the laser cutting machine during the process of cutting metal. How does the burr happen? In fact, a burr is a large number of residual particles on the surface of metal materials.

What are the causes of burr produced by laser cutting machine?

1. focusing beam up and down position deviation. Solution: adjust the focus position and adjust it according to its offset position.

2. the output power of the machine is not enough. The solution is to check whether the laser cutting machine works normally. If it is not normal, it needs timely maintenance and repair. If it is normal, the output value should be checked to determine if the output value is correct.

The cutting speed of the 3. cutting machine is too slow. Solution: timely adjust and improve the speed of wire cutting.

4. the auxiliary gas of the cutting machine is not pure. Solution: how to improve the purity of auxiliary gas.

The laser beam of the 5. cutting machine is offset. The solution is to debug the focus and adjust six points in time.

The 6. laser cutting machine has long running time and unstable. Solution: turn off the machine to restart and rest the machine.

In addition, metal laser cutting machine is a precision machine tool, and operation is also a fine work. Data errors often lead to abnormal work, so they must be strict and accurate in work to reduce and avoid errors.