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Laser Cutting Machine In Sheet Metal

Jun 26, 2018

Using a laser cutting machine in sheet metal, such as stainless steel, carbon steel cutting hollow out the hook shape, flower shape is controlled by a computer program, a molding, the bending and polishing or paint can be used directly, without welding, from nailing from drilling.

The door of the laser cutting is attached to the decorative wood and other decorations, changing the decorative style, to achieve better decorative effect.

laser cutting machine in sheet metal

Lovely and concise laser hollow-out technology, the processing delicate, the appearance is curious, extremely creative, both practical and aesthetic function.

laser cutting machine in sheet metal

The laser cutting adopts "no contact machining" and does not crush the workpiece.

Moreover, the incision is smooth and free of burrs. Compared with traditional processing, it can eliminate the masting process directly.

Automation: laser cutting are matched with numerical control system to realize automation, just need to machining by graphics import special cutting software, or drawing directly by software, can be simple to design samples by cutting out.

Easy operation: compared with traditional cutting process, laser cutting process is simple.

It doesn't require a lot of labor, it's a human operator, it's a device.

laser cutting machine in sheet metal