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Laser Cutting Machine Chiller Working Principle And Installation Precautions

Nov 29, 2018

First, the working principle of laser cutting machine chiller

The chiller is one of the indispensable accessories for the laser cutting machine. Its working principle is to inject a certain amount of cooling water into the water injection hole of the chiller, and then cool the water into the cylinder through the refrigeration system of the chiller, and work through the compressor. It becomes a gas with high pressure and temperature, enters the condenser, and the high temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas exchanges heat with the cooling medium cooling air to transfer heat to the outside of the laser chiller, and the refrigerant gas condenses into a high pressure liquid) The water from the chiller is used to pump the cryogenically cooled water to the laser equipment to be cooled. At this time, the water cooled by the chiller takes the heat from the laser and the temperature rises and then flows back into the water tank and then passes through the cold water. The machine cools down the cooling cycle to achieve the cooling effect.

Second, the laser cutting machine chiller installation precautions

(a) Unpack and check that the machine is in good condition and that the accessories are complete. The installer must have relevant expertise.

(b) Confirm that the equipment is properly grounded. Although the average operating current of the chiller is not large, its instantaneous operating current is sometimes as high as 6~10 amps.

(c) Unscrew the machine water inlet and add cooling water. Use only neutral, pure water, and do not allow particulate solids in the water, as this may damage the cooling water system of the laser cutter.

(d) For the protection of circulating water pumps, no water running is strictly prohibited.

(e) Keep a certain distance from the laser cutting machine to ensure that the chiller enters the air and the air outlet is smooth. Do not put foreign objects into the equipment.