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Laser Cutting Machine Boot, A Shutdown Operation Sequence

Mar 15, 2019

Guide: The laser cutting machine should be assigned to a special person. When multi-person operation, the main operator must be designated, and the power-on and power-off operations must be strictly performed.

Strictly execute the following boot sequence

1. Gas on:

a. Close the discharge valve of the gas storage tank, turn on the air compressor power supply, and open the valve of the gas delivery pipe after the pressure of the compressed air reaches the required level.

b. Turn on the laser premixed gas and adjust the pressure; if the gas of the non-Panasonic laser is mixed in the machine, please open all kinds of gases in the following order: helium → carbon dioxide → nitrogen, and set the pressure of each gas to Specified value.

c. Turn on the auxiliary cutting gas (nitrogen and oxygen). When using bottled gas, first open the valve of each bottle, and finally open the total valve switch; when using liquid gas, after opening the valve, the booster valve should also be opened to increase the gasification amount and ensure the pressure of cutting auxiliary gas.

2. Turn on the main power switch and start the regulated power supply. Check the output voltage of the regulated power supply and set the voltage between 390 and 400V.

3. Turn on the chiller and the dryer.

4. Turn on the machine to control the power supply of the electric cabinet, and release the emergency stop button and open the key switch. After the CNC system is started, enter the operation interface. The power of the laser can be turned on while the power of the machine control cabinet is turned on, and the low voltage and high voltage are sequentially activated. And set the “mode selection” key switch to the external control mode.

Strictly perform the following shutdown sequence

1. Preparation before shutdown

a. First, move the cutting head to the highest point, and the X and Y axes stop at a safe position.

b. The exchange workbench or workbench is parked in a safe location.

2. Turn off the laser high voltage, turn off the laser low voltage, wait about 3 minutes, then turn off the laser main power (Rofin laser can turn off the laser power). Turn off all key switches on the laser panel and remove them.

3. Press the emergency stop button on the side of the machine control panel and turn off the key switch to remove the key. Exit the operation page of the CNC system, and then turn off the power of the main control cabinet of the machine when the page prompts to turn off the power.

4. Turn off the power to the chiller and dryer.

5. Turn off the regulated power supply.

7. Turn off the laser gas after turning off all cutting assist gases.

8. Turn off the air compressor power supply and open the air reservoir drain valve.