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The Effect Of Laser Cutting Machine Speed On Cutting Quality

Mar 05, 2019

The effect of laser cutting machine speed on cutting quality:

1. May cause inability to cut and sparks;

2. Some areas can be cut off and some areas cannot be cut off;

3. Cause the entire cutting section to be thicker;

4. The plate cannot be cut off in time, the section is diagonally striped, and the lower part is melted.

The effect of laser cutting machine speed is too slow on the quality of the cut:

1. Causes the cutting plate to be over-melted, and the cutting section is rough;

2. The slit will be widened accordingly, causing the entire area to melt in the smaller rounded corners or sharp corners, and the ideal cutting effect is not obtained;

3. Low cutting efficiency affects production capacity.

Choose the right laser cutter speed for better cutting results.

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