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What Are The Requirements For Laser Cutting Machines For Environmental Conditions?

Jan 29, 2019

First, the climate is the humid and high temperature. When the laser cutting machine is operated under such environmental conditions, it is easy to accumulate moisture in the internal parts, which is not easy to volatilize, resulting in damage to related accessories, affecting the precision of laser cutting, and even causing the laser tube light path system to be unable to emit light. . At the same time, the humid environment is easy to affect the numerical control system and the motor servo system to different degrees. In order to ensure the precision of laser cutting and the life of related accessories, it is necessary to ensure the relative dryness of the site, and often use laser cutting equipment to maintain normal operation. The water temperature of the chiller cannot be set too low to prevent condensation on the surface of the optics.

Second, in a cold climate, the environment is easy to freeze under the environment, at this time should do a good job of laser cutting machine cold protection. If the chiller is used, take care to avoid freezing. In the cooling laser light path system and the lens, avoid freezing inside the optical path system and prevent the lens from cracking. In the cold winter, antifreeze can be added to ensure the normal operation of the laser cutting machine. Protect relevant accessories and improve the overall life of the laser cutting machine.

Third, under the harsh conditions of wind and sand, objectively speaking, the accuracy of the laser cutting machine is greatly affected, and it is not suitable for such an area. Therefore, it is better to use protective measures in the process of using a laser cutting machine in such an area. Do a good job in the environmental requirements of the laser cutting machine to avoid contamination of the lens, resulting in the failure to use the cutting of the laser cutting machine. The lens should be cleaned frequently to clean the dust and ensure the normal operation of the laser cutting machine.

In short, under different environmental conditions, users who use laser cutting machines should do the cleaning work of the guide rails and transmission racks. If necessary, lubricate the guide rails and lead screws to ensure laser cutting. The precision of the machine often cleans the oxide on the auxiliary gas nozzle. The deposited oxide will be deposited on the nozzle for a long time. It should be cleaned to improve the life of the related parts and help to ensure the overall operation. High temperature, high pressure, large air turbid dust, high air humidity, and cold air will affect the accuracy of the laser cutting machine, and it may not even operate normally. Therefore, the influence of environmental conditions on the equipment is avoided, and the efficiency and performance of the equipment are maximized. Avoid the occurrence of "water and soil dissatisfaction" in laser cutting machines. Of course, laser cutting machines will occasionally appear as "cold" symptoms like humans. At this time, the right medicine is needed to find the cause and solve the problem.