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Analysis Of The Reasons Why The Edge Of The Laser Cutting Machine Is Not Closed

Jan 09, 2019

   Hook edge is not one of the common faults of a laser cutting machine. Its appearance seriously affects the cutting quality and efficiency of the laser cutting machine. It is mainly caused by the following six reasons:
    First, measure whether the laser cutting machine beam is parallel. Under normal circumstances, the left and right deviation should be no more than 2MM. Adjust the beam eccentric wheel to change the parallelism of the beam to make the error reach the required range.
    Second, check whether the laser cutting machine belt and the beam of the beam are tight. Whether the tension of the belts on both sides is the same, adjust the tension of the belt, and the difference between the two sides is not too big.
    Third, first disconnect the motor line of the car and the beam, and push and pull the car and the beam is smooth.
    Fourth, check the beam support wheel on both sides of the laser cutting machine for damage or resistance, and whether the support wheel is damaged.
    5. When the laser cutting machine is turned on, push and pull the trolley and the beam by hand, gently move the small car head up and down to see if there is mechanical clearance and tighten the synchronous wheel on the transmission shaft. The gap between the trolleys needs to be replaced.
    Sixth, check whether the original graphics have errors, such as graphics have a crossover, no closure, lack of strokes, etc., correct the errors in the graphics and then output the test.