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What Are The Development Directions Of Laser Cutting Machines?

Dec 26, 2018

With the maturity and improvement of laser cutting machine technology in recent years, the future laser cutting equipment will be divided into two development roads, one is to upgrade the existing technology, for example, when the thickness of the board is getting thicker and thicker. At the time, the cost is getting lower and lower; the other way is to study new cutting media and cutting methods.

So how to improve the efficiency of the laser cutting machine?

1. Further, improve the cutting efficiency, develop a high-efficiency and high-precision CNC laser cutting machine, and improve the cutting speed. It is not only to improve the quality of the beam, but also to change the cutting process. More importantly, it is to use a linear motor drive. Make it faster and faster.

2. Develop flexible processing of laser cutting, improve the multi-faceted freedom of laser cutting machine, and make it more suitable for the processing of complexly curved workpieces. Develop high-precision fiber laser cutting machines to improve the application in 2D and 3D, thus improving flexible processing.

3. Increase the research on laser cutting technology for large and thick plates, master the technology of long-range laser transmission, the process of thick plate cutting, the design and manufacturing technology of high-power laser light path, and develop large-format thick plates. Laser cutting equipment.

4. Further intelligentization of the cutting machine, further combining the fiber laser with CNC technology, optical technology and high-precision workpiece positioning, combining some of the functional components of the laser cutting machine with other processing methods, developed A versatile laser processing machine.