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How To Control The Cutting Quality During The Laser Cutting Process?

Dec 21, 2018

One of the most important advantages of metal laser cutting is that it can control the cutting quality very well. But if you simply pursue speed and neglect cutting quality, you lose the original value of laser cutting technology. Similarly, for enterprises, the processing speed has increased, but if the cutting samples are shoddy, the product reputation will drop, the value of the client will not be able to play, the income will be damaged, and so on.

Therefore, it is very important to control the quality of laser cutting. As we all know, the quality and speed of laser cutting, materials, auxiliary gases, etc. have a close relationship. In addition to these factors, what other artificial control factors in the actual production process affect the quality of cutting?

Cutting design

Before the cutting, the scientific and reasonable cutting design is carried out, and the design drawings are carefully reviewed and corrected.

2. Cutting process

When cutting, the equipment operator adjusts the relevant parameters of the machine according to the material thickness and material. It also pays close attention to the cutting quality of the sample, finds the problem to adjust and process in time, and then performs batch cutting after proofing OK.

3. Correctly adjust the focus position

According to the material and thickness of the cutting, adjust the position of the focus. Generally, the thin carbon steel below 5mm is suitable for zero focal length, the focus is on the surface of the workpiece; the workpieces such as aluminium and stainless steel adopt negative focal length, the focus is on the surface of the workpiece; for the cutting of thick steel plate Generally, a positive focal length is used, and the focus is on the surface of the workpiece.