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The Advantages Of Laser Cutting Machine In The Advertising Industry

Dec 20, 2018

In the Chinese advertising industry, the demand for the market has been very demanding from a decade ago. The development of the advertising industry is booming, and the advertising industry is in the golden period of development. The gradual development of the Internet industry has given the advertising industry a new form, promoting the industry through various channels such as the Internet and the media. Although the advertising industry has a certain impact with the development of the Internet, for the advertising industry, offline Development is still the mainstream, and the two complement each other, making the advertising industry more vigorous.

The advertising industry is closely related to our lives, covering a wide range of industries, including catering, entertainment, automotive, communications, and industrial. As society continues to improve, we also have more requirements for the advertising industry. The use of laser cutting machines in the advertising industry is very important. Laser cutting is applicable to all kinds of materials in various industries covered by the advertising industry. Promoted the development and reform of the advertising industry.

Commonly used materials in the advertising industry include stainless steel-based metal materials and acrylic-based non-metallic materials. Laser hybrid cutting machines can cut metal and non-metal materials. It is widely used laser equipment in the advertising industry. The fibre laser cutting machine mainly cuts non-metal such as stainless steel and needs to select equipment according to its own cutting requirements.

Laser cutting machine application advantages in the advertising industry:

1. Flexible and fast. Laser cutting machine cutting materials are flexible and fast, semi-automatic cutting meets the needs of the industry, cutting is not limited by shape, just by software typesetting can be quickly cut.

2. Save materials. Through reasonable typesetting, the laser cutting machine can make great use of materials. The cost of metal sheets is high, and saving production materials will undoubtedly save the company a small expenditure and prevent waste.

3. Save labour. Unlike traditional equipment, laser cutting machines have fewer labour requirements. When laser cutting machines are used to cut various materials, there is no need to make moulds, and laser cutting machines produce less environmental pollution, which can easily cope with noise and environment. Poor and other situations.

The impact of laser cutting machine on the traditional cutting industry has been very obvious in recent years. The cutting efficiency of laser cutting machine is high, the purchase cost is gradually reduced, the cutting speed is fast, the quality is good, the application range is wide, and the material is not picky. I have been loved by many advertising manufacturers.