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Application Of Laser Cutting Machine In The Rail Transit Industry

Dec 05, 2018

There are many products to be processed in the manufacture of rail vehicles, such as car body, interior panels, bodies, and often use two-dimensional plane cutting. The laser cutting machine can machine parts, contours, and holes with high precision and high cutting section quality. Laser cutting machines are generally suitable for carbon alloy steel, stainless steel, and also for aluminum alloy plates, which can achieve the ideal cross-section processing quality and cutting speed.

1. Cutting laser cutting

The locomotive manufacturing must first prepare relevant materials. This stage of laser cutting technology is especially important. Compared with flame cutting, laser cutting machine has high cutting speed, small workpiece deformation, high processing precision, strong applicability, saving materials, and economical application. Therefore, laser cutting technology has been widely used in rail vehicle manufacturing.

Anti-loose plate cutting case: The bogie anti-loose plate is an irregular curve contour structure, the material is 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel plate, the thickness is 8mm, and the curvature of the outer contour is variable. A smooth transition of the processing area is required. A laser with a pulse power of 2.4 kW is selected, the cutting speed is 2.2 m/min, and the focal spot diameter of the laser beam is 0.12-0.25 mm. It has been verified by practice that the products of fiber laser cutting can fully meet the practical requirements.

2. Three-dimensional laser cutting

In the manufacture of rail vehicles, three-dimensional laser cutting technology is in the ascendant. It mainly performs cutting and cutting of various three-dimensional stamping parts. In addition to the configuration robot, fiber laser, real-time monitoring, it is also equipped with a dust removal system, an exchange workbench, and a closed cutting room. It solves the three-dimensional cutting of complex workpieces, replacing the backward toothless tools and manual plasma cutting process to improve quality and reduce pollution.

In the manufacture of urban rail vehicles, large long parts, especially the post-processing of component parts, have the effect of improving cutting ability and improving quality. With the requirements of multiple needs and advanced manufacturing, laser cutting technology is gradually improving and innovating, and a batch of modern technologies and equipment are developed.