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Application Of Nine Major Industries Of Laser Cutting Machines

Sep 05, 2018

1.handcrafted gift 

You can engrave a variety of exquisite patterns and texts on wood, bamboo, marble, organic boards, two-color boards, leather and other materials to make crafts and souvenirs.

2.Building a model making industry

 Engraving/cutting models of walls, doors, and windows, roofs, floors, vegetation, etc.

3.Logo, signage, medals

 It can be engraved/cut on a variety of materials such as two-color board, wood products, coated metal, etc. It automatically produces different "leakage" effects on different grayscale background patterns, especially suitable for coloring or painting, and is widely used.

4.Clothing processing

It can be used for engraving, cutting, engraving and hollowing out any complicated pattern in leather and garment processing industry; computer embroidery cutting.

5.Wood, furniture

Patterns and characters can be engraved on a variety of bamboo, wood, and furniture.

6.Plexiglass cutting

Cut with plexiglass material and smooth edges without re-polishing.

7.Image engraving

With its unique graphics engraving and image engraving skills, its products are unparalleled. Realistic photos can be engraved on bamboo, acrylic, leather, marble, crystal and more.

8.Spherical, cylindrical engraving

360-degree rotary engraving on spherical and cylindrical surfaces to meet your individual needs.

9 other industry 

Engraving required for printing, packaging, decoration, electronics, electrical appliances, plastic products, food and medicine industries.