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Laser Cutting Machine Processing Route How To Choose?

Aug 23, 2018

The processing route of laser cutting machine refers to the trajectory and direction of the laser cutting head in the process of laser cutting. To determine the processing route, we must first ensure the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece and the quality of the cutting surface. We also need to consider the numerical processing route. The length is not conducive to the trend of the tool, laser efficiency, and other issues. Laser cutting machine has higher accuracy requirements for some workpieces with holes. When the processing route is determined, attention must be paid to the positioning of the holes. A single approach positioning method can be used to avoid the influence of the accuracy of the positioning workpiece due to the backlash error of the traditional system. When machining a rectangular groove, the tool must be kept away from the corners of the rectangle, whether it is cut or cut in, to avoid the tool leaving a notch at the corners.

Laser cutting machine processing route also need to consider these points: First, reduce the advance and retreat to the time and other auxiliary time. When milling part contours, crush milling is used to see the vibration of the small machine tool, reducing the surface roughness of the part and improving the machining accuracy. The location of the advance and retreat and the position of the knife in the middle of the pause should be avoided in the unimportant position. The laser processing route is generally first outside and inside.

Planning a good processing route is a very important issue. A good processing route can increase cutting efficiency, save processing time, and effectively bring benefits to enterprises. In the programming of the laser cutting machine, the cutting amount of each process needs to be determined by the programmer. Because the processing method is different, the cutting amount is also different. If the cutting amount is not appropriate, the wear of the tool will be directly affected, and the use of the machine tool. Life, there are problems such as the quality of processed parts and the efficiency of production.