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Analysis And Comparison Of Laser Cutting And Perforation Technology

Dec 08, 2018

First, continuous laser perforation

The laser cutting machine blasting perforation technology is an option. By continuous laser irradiation, the laser surface is formed into a groove, and then the laser beam is used for cutting, which can quickly melt the material and complete the perforation. The quality of the perforation, in this case, cannot be guaranteed, and the aperture size is about half of the thickness of the sheet. Due to the quality of the sheet, the quality of the perforation is also different, sometimes it is not smooth and affects the quality of the workpiece. In addition, this The perforation technique uses a method of oxygen blowing, and the blowing pressure required for perforation is large, and the slag splashing is likely to occur.

Second, pulsed laser perforation

Another common method is laser pulse cutting and perforation. This method uses high peak power for cutting, allowing a small amount of material to be melted or vaporized, and using nitrogen as an auxiliary gas to reduce the oxidation reaction in the air. One of the characteristics of the above method is that the pressure of the gas is small, and the generated slag is mainly composed of small particles, and no slag is present, and the thickness of the plate has little influence on the method, that is, how thick The board can be done.

In general, laser pulse cutting perforation is more accurate than blasting and is suitable for fine processing. Therefore, when purchasing, it depends on the quality of the products that you can accept.