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Laser Cutting Abnormalities And Trouble Shooting Methods

Nov 15, 2018

Problem: Laser does not emit light


1. The laser power switch is not closed;

2. The laser high voltage is not pressed;

3. The laser power supply is destroyed;

4. The high voltage wire falls off.

Problem: Deviation in cutting size


1. The setting of the torque in the fixed parameter is incorrect;

2. The number of pulses per set is incorrect;

3. the graphics are not compensated for.

Problem: the square forms a parallelogram


1. The X axis and the Y axis are not perpendicular.

Problem: The cutting surface is not perpendicular


1, the vertical light is not adjusted;

2. The focus adjustment is incorrect;

3. The focal length of the focusing lens is too short.

Problem: the edge of the cutting surface is very sharp


1. The laser power output is too large;

2. the cutting speed is too slow;

3. the air is not filtered or filtered enough;

4. The blowing air pressure is too small.

Problem: The bottom of the workpiece ignites when cutting


1. The cutting speed is too slow;

2. The laser power output is too large;

3. The surface of the workpiece has protective paper;

4.the exhaust is too small;

5.blowing is too small;

Problem: Reduced cutting speed


1.the focal length is wrong;

2. the lens is too dirty;

3.the light path is not correct;

Problem: The cutting section is not smooth


1. The belt is not tightly tight;

2.the cutting speed is too fast;

3. The lens is too dirty;

4. In the manual light-emitting state;

5. The optical path system is loose;

6. Countertop vibration.

Problem: There is a small slot at the starting point


1. Reduce the laser intensity;

2. Reduce the opening delay;

3. Reduce the off time delay.