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Application Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine In Elevator Market

Dec 06, 2018

According to statistics, China is the country with the largest consumption and retention of elevators in the world. In 2016, there were nearly 4.3 million elevators in China, and 65% of elevators in the world were sold in China.

As we all know, the common materials used in elevators are stainless steel plates and film materials. The finish requirements of these materials are relatively high. As the demand in the market is getting larger and larger, the cycle of new elevator products is getting shorter and shorter. There are many kinds of sheet metal parts in the elevator market. Some of them need to be customized according to customer needs. There are also restrictions on tonnage and molds. Stamping machines sometimes fail to meet the processing requirements, and sometimes the mold manufacturing cycle is long and the production cycle is extended, so it is gradually replaced by the fiber laser cutting machine. So what is the difference between traditional elevator processing and fiber laser technology? How does fiber laser cutting break out of the elevator market?

1. Traditional processing method

In the past, the whole machine factory basically used multi-station punching to process plates, mainly including car, milling, planning, drilling, grinding and other processing procedures. They mainly relied on mechanical external force to complete the stripping process of the excess metal layer with harder tools. The program is complex, the workpiece is easy to change, and it consumes a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources.

2. CO2 laser processing method

CO2 laser cutting machine is the laser processing equipment used in the domestic elevator industry. The non-mechanical energy such as light, electricity, and chemistry can be used to complete the stripping process of the material, and the processing of the high hardness material can be realized by the material with lower hardness. Compared with the traditional processing method, laser processing has unique advantages such as non-contact, easy processing, safety, and environmental protection.

3. Fiber laser cutting machine occupies the elevator market

Elevator manufacturing is basically based on stainless steel of about 3mm. The CO2 laser cutting machine uses high power consumption and consumes a large amount of gas. Due to its high cost and complicated debugging, CO2 laser cutting machine has not kept pace with the development of the elevator industry. The new fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of extremely fast speed, low running cost, a high reflective material such as copper and aluminum, and no obvious external light path. It has gradually replaced the CO2 laser cutting machine and has become the tool of choice for the elevator processing industry.

Therefore, compared with the traditional processing technology, fiber laser cutting technology has obvious advantages. Speed up the cutting speed and increase production efficiency.