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Introduction Of Fiber Lasers

Jun 27, 2018

According to the British Daily Mail reported that over the years geeks are keen to develop new car satellite navigation system,at present, a company in the United States the latest car satellite navigation system can be like a fighter cockpit reader will be the same as the road 3D information on the rise of the windshield.


The company has completed the most basic component design, only the satellite navigation road 3D information displayed on the screen, the driver based on the navigation system can be seen in front of the real world scene colored information marked. A red 3D laser line is located on the windshield in front of the driver. The laser line is hovering over the road. The driver can follow the direction of the dynamic 3D laser line, making the car driving easier easy.


The system is able to simulate road conditions in real time, projecting road information in 3D on windshields, identifying important locations on the road, such as gas stations. This projection is completely transparent, the navigation system developers said that because the projection is located on the real road scene, it has safe driving performance.

The new navigation system illuminates the visual signposts for the driver at night, and projects important safety information on the navigation route, which is too complex to fit in a separate box-like structure.

The company is currently looking for partners to install the laser system on the dashboard of cars and trucks. The company draws on NASA's research on safety headers, saying the technology is safer and less distracting than existing satellite navigation systems.

At present, the company has not yet announced the price of the navigation system, the existing head-up display only in Chrysler and other high-end cars. Now the laser line that identifies the road is red, and the company claims that the system has the ability to display the full color.