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How To Choose A Best Quality Cutting Machine

Jun 26, 2018

In the recent years, laser cutting technology in handicraft processing has been widely used more and more, both in the field of metal cutting and non-metal cutting, how to choose a suitable machine for the materials cutting of own needs from some many laser cutting equipment in the market, following is some aspects as your reference:

1.we need choose according to the materials that company used. Generally, the materials cutting can be divided into two kinds, metal cutting and non-metal cutting; CO2 laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting non-metallic materials, the wavelength of about 10600. And the best cutting equipment for metal materials is YAG or fiber laser, because their wavelength is between 1060 ~ 1070, the metal material on this wavelength without energy absorption problems.

2. For non-metal cutting, the machine is divided into high power and low power according to different application functions. Some low-power cutting machine only used for color plates cutting, architectural models, small signs, three-dimensional handicraft material handling, and the process has been popular for some time, but the power is too small, that will greatly affect the scope of its application. Another high-power spindle cutting machine is divided into two kinds, one with large cutting area: the size is generally more than 1 m, but the cutting precision is not so good, another kind used for gentle cutting, mainly for high precision processing and labels making. You can choose the exact size, according to the materials used.About the metal cutting, if the materials sheet are mostly less than 3mm, very little with thickness 3-6mm and also with little amount and variety types, we suggest use 500W YAG laser with small and medium-power, this machine also can be used for copper aluminum and other high-reflective material, thus overcome the shortcomings of fiber and CO2 laser in the cutting of highly reflective materials. If this machine mainly used for handicrafts, we suggest use co2 laser engraving machine with power 40w-150W, this machine with lower procurement costs and processing with diverse materials, is cost-effective. Therefore, the power cannot be used as a single evaluation for evaluating a laser cutting machine; the rational choice is meet the company's processing request.

3. The quality of machines, stability in using is also a very important evaluation. At present, the product development cycle is short, faster and faster replacement of machine, product diversity, mass production more than before, how to complete the quality and quantity of customers’ orders, maintaining corporate reputation and enhance their competitiveness is also very important to every manufacturer, so when choose a laser machine, you need choose a supplier with best service and top quality. Price is not the only thing you should consider.

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