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High Power CNC Laser Cutting Machine Market Demand Explosion

Aug 17, 2017

Currently high power CNC laser cutting equipment worldwide cumulative ownership has reached about 35000 units (sets), and high power CNC laser cutting equipment in our country at present the ownership of around 3000 units. A laser swivelled back and forth on the machine, and a swivel seat parts soon formed"This is the effect of the company's high-power fiber laser cutting machine."


And use different flame cutting, laser cutting machine is cutting of sheet metal, but laser cutting is due to the use of light energy, cut after finished product without burnish, also won't like use the flame cutting products exist error and distortion."The core of our technology is through the optical fiber bundle, which enables the multi-module light source to sync together and generate higher energy and lower the cost."their type on the market at present need 2 million yuan, and their production of high-power fiber laser cutting machine in performance has reached the same level, the price is only 1 million yuan, fell by half.


Anticipating the wide market prospect of laser cutting equipment, we will develop from the production type industrial enterprises to modern service enterprises.In modern manufacturing services in the service industries accounted for 70%, the company produces the high power fiber laser cutting machine processing mode, changed the traditional industry, is committed to the expansion of the national market.