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Safety Precautions For Handling Laser Welding Machines

Sep 13, 2018

The emergence of laser welding machine has greatly improved the work efficiency. There are some risks in the processing of laser equipment. The safe operation needs constant attention. So what should be paid attention to? What are the following safety instructions for laser welding machine?

Safety precautions for laser welding machine operation

1, the laser should be avoided to cause burns to the skin.

Direct laser irradiation of the skin can cause burns, long-term effects of diffuse reflex, skin aging, inflammation and skin cancer in the operator. Field workers need to wear work clothes to reduce the effect of diffuse reflection.

2, check whether the parts of the welding machine are working normally.

Before welding, the work of each part of the laser welding machine should be checked whether it is normal or not. After the operation, the welding machine and the work site should be checked to eliminate hidden dangers and ensure safety and accident-free.

3, avoid laser damage to the eyes.

Lasers used in laser welding machine belong to four kinds of lasers. The power density of the laser is very high. It is easy to produce a lot of spatter when laser welding and the laser beam of highly reflective metal material is easy to reflect. These potential hazards can easily cause damage to human eyes and skin. Therefore, eye protection should be emphasized in laser welding operation. Field operators must wear laser protective glasses.