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Successful Development Of The First Laser Arc Composite Welding Equipment In China

Jul 28, 2017

China petroleum pipeline bureau (hereinafter referred to as the "CPP") of the composite laser arc welding equipment through expert testing, this also means that the domestic first composite laser arc welding equipment is developed.Next, in the light of the laser arc composite welding equipment, the administration will continue to carry out further study on field test and stability improvement, further reducing the cost and improving the welding speed.


Since 2009, the administrative department has carried out "pre-study of laser/arc composite welding technology in the pipeline".And successively in 2011 and 2011 in the "new efficient oil and gas pipelines welding and detection technology research" and "oil and gas pipelines and efficient welding technology research" research, for composite laser arc welding equipment fully the successful development of the theory and experimental research.


Pipeline bureau developed composite laser arc welding equipment to combine the advantages of laser welding and arc welding, a welding penetration, good weld mechanical properties, a welding layer thickness, etc.Test results show that the equipment can be penetration blunt edge thickness of 7.81 mm to 8.18 mm, welding speed 1.15 meters per minute, compared with the currently used in the automatic welding equipment, not only decreases the number of welding layer, can save 50% of welding materials, also to improve welding speed by two times, reached the international advanced level.