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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Can Cut What Materials

Sep 01, 2017

Suitable for fiber laser cutting machine cutting metal material:

1, stainless steel:

Laser cutting is easier to cut stainless steel sheet. With high power YAG laser cutting system, cutting stainless steel maximum thickness of up to 4mm. We developed a low power YAG laser cutting system for cutting stainless steel thickness up to 4mm.

2, alloy steel:

Most of the alloy steel can be laser cutting, trimming quality is good. But with high tungsten tool steel and hot stencil, laser cutting will have a melting and sticky slag.

3, carbon steel:

Modern laser cutting system can cut the maximum thickness of carbon steel plate close to 20mm, the thin section of the slit can be narrowed to 0.1mm or so. Laser cutting low carbon steel its heat affected zone is very small, and cut every smooth, smooth, good vertical. For high carbon steel, laser cutting trimming quality is better than low carbon steel, but its heat affected zone is larger. My company AHL series laser machine maximum cutting depth of 5mm.

4, aluminum and alloy:

Aluminum cutting is melting and cutting, to assist the gas to blow away the melt from the cutting area, can get a better quality of the cut. At present, the maximum thickness of the cut aluminum plate is 1.5mm.

5, other metal materials:

Copper is not suitable for laser cutting, cutting very thin.

6, non-metallic materials:

Laser can cut plastic materials such as plastic (polymer), rubber, wood, paper products, leather and natural and synthetic fabrics. It can also cut inorganic materials such as quartz and ceramics, and can cut composite materials such as new lightweight reinforced fiber The