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The Basic Knowledge Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Jun 27, 2018

Laser cutting machine in the domestic and foreign popularity, has a lot of related industries and enterprises by the laser cutting machine brought help, but also makes the domestic economic development faster and faster and stable, to a new development situation, but that is, in such a background environment, the production of laser cutting machine business more and more, but the gap between different enterprises also has a more and more obvious gap between the competition also developed and become more intense, the future development of enterprises rely on their own efforts to enhance their own strength.

Fiber laser cutting machine is the pump material into the fiber, the semiconductor laser emitted by a specific wavelength of the laser coupling,so that the fiber produces a laser. Photoelectric conversion rate can be up to twice the carbon dioxide,and in the cutting sheet metal when there is an advantage, because the fiber laser light is 1070 nm wavelength so the absorption rate is higher.

The main feature of fiber laser cutting machine is to cut out a very complex graphics, cutting costs are low, because it is non-contact cutting, the workpiece deformation is small, good product quality. Therefore, fiber laser cutting machine for a variety of electronics, printing, automotive, medical equipment, shipbuilding, aviation and many other industries, processing materials from the heart scaffold and computer memory chip microfabrication, thick pipe wall to the deep welding.

Fiber laser cutting machine is the use of fiber laser generator as a laser source of laser cutting machine, mainly used in sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, subway accessories, automobiles, food machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, precision parts,metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliances, gifts, tools processing, decoration, advertising, metal processing and other manufacturing and processing industries.

The basic knowledge of fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine it not only can do the plane cutting, but also can do bevel cutting processing, and the edge of neat, smooth, suitable for metal plate and other high-precision cutting processing, while the arm can be three-dimensional cutting instead of the original import of five axis laser. Compared to ordinary carbon dioxide laser cutting machine to save space and gas consumption, photoelectric conversion rate is high, energy saving and environmental protection of new products, is one of the world's leading technology products.