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The Usage And Maintain Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Jun 27, 2018

The usage and maintain of fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine belongs to high-tech large machinery, with a higher price, and also have high technical requirements for the technical staff, so when we use the machine, we must maintain often to extend the lifetime of this machine, following is the skills for the use and maintain.

First, let the steel belt always keep tight state

The steel belt is the important transmission part of the whole machine, it is made of steel, if it not being tight in the operation, the materials that to be cut is easy to be thrown out of the track, and even the belt will slip, thus takes great threat to the workers, so no matter when and where, we must keep the strip in a state of tension, so as to protect the working people.

Second, check the angle of the cutting head often

The cutting head is the most important part of the fiber laser cutting machine, if the angle of the head has any angle deviation, then the cutting processing will not with the high accuracy.

Third, cleaning dust inside the mechanical often

As the laser cutting machine will vaporized the metal on their surface in the cutting processing, so a lot of dust will be produced on the surface of the machine and in the internal of the machine, so we need dust with a vacuum cleaner, to ensure the internal of the machine without any dust, and the normal working of all parts.

Fourth, the parts should be regularly treated with lubricating oil

We need check and oil the rack, rail and other parts of the cutting machine, insure the gears working with very precise. In this way, the machine will work normally and cutting with higher precision.

In addition to the day-to-day maintenance of our fiber laser cutting machine, we must have a strict inspection of the main parts when we buy the machinery, so that we can prevent the damage. At the same time, we must change the main part when it is broken; firstly we can protect the machine, and also can insure the best cutting result, only with the two way, can lengthen the lifetime of the machine.

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