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Cutting Machine Maintenance Procedures

Jul 12, 2018

The first level of maintenance content:

1, every working day must clean up the dirt of the machine tool and guide rails, keep the bed surface clean, shut off the air source, at the same time clear the residual gas in the machine belt.

2. If you leave the machine for a long time, turn off the power to prevent non-professionals from operating.

3. Observe the level of observation, whether the vertical rails and the surface of the rack are lubricated to maintain good lubrication.

Two levels of maintenance content:

1. We must thoroughly clean the machine, clean the guide rails, and drive the racks and fill the lubricating oil.

2. Check if the rail eraser is working properly.

3. Check if the torch is loose, clean up the garbage at the ignition, and keep the ignition normal.

4. If there is an automatic height adjustment device, check for sensitivity and whether to replace the probe.

5. Check if the plasma cutting port and electrode are damaged and if the cutting nozzle and electrode need to be replaced.

Three levels of maintenance content:

1. Check if there is rubbish in the total air intake and if the valve and pressure gauge is working properly.

2. Check that all air fittings are loose and all tubes are damaged. Fix or replace if necessary.

3. Check that all drive components are loose and check that the gear engages with the frame and adjust if necessary.

4. Loosen the fastening device, push the pulley by hand, come and go, or adjust or replace under abnormal conditions.

5. Check the clamping block, whether the steel strip and the guide pulley are loose or loose, and adjust the strip if necessary.

6. Check the performance of all buttons and rotary switches, damage and replacement, and finally draw a comprehensive inspection mode to check the accuracy of the machine.