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Common Parameters Of Laser Welding Machine

Aug 10, 2018

The Leize laser introduces the parameters of laser welding machine.

1. Power density

Power density is one of the most important parameters in laser welding of laser welder. With high power density, the surface layer can be heated to boiling point in the microsecond time range, resulting in a large amount of vaporization. Therefore, high power density is beneficial to material removal, such as punching, cutting and carving. For low power density, the surface temperature reaches a boiling point for several milliseconds. Before the surface vaporization, the bottom layer reaches melting point and easy to form a good fusion welding. Therefore, in the conduction laser welding, the power density is in the range of 104~106W/cm2.

2. Frequency of laser pulses

As one of the parameters in the laser welding machine, the frequency of the laser pulse is mainly the ability to reflect how many pulses can be produced in a second. The unit is Hz (Hertz). In the case of metal welding, the welding metal is the energy using the laser. In the case of constant laser power, the higher the frequency, the smaller the output energy of each laser. Therefore, we need to ensure that the laser energy is enough to melt the metal, and the speed of the processing can be considered, in order to determine the output frequency of the laser.

3. Laser pulse width

Pulse width is one of the important parameters of pulse laser welding machine. It is not only an important parameter that is different from material removal and material melting, but also a key parameter to determine the cost and volume of processing equipment.

4. Laser pulse waveform

Laser pulse waveform is an important problem in laser welding machine, especially for wafer welding. When the high-intensity laser beam is projected onto the surface of the material, the surface of the metal will be reflected and lost by 60~98% laser energy, and the reflectivity will vary with the surface temperature. During a laser pulse, the metal reflectivity varies greatly.

The parameters of laser welding machine include a very wide range, of course, far more than the above points, here is just an example, you can take a look. For a detailed understanding, you can contact the technical staff of Leize laser. We are always at your service.