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The Application Of Ultraviolet Laser And Green Light Laser

Aug 11, 2017

The newly added 355-55 uv laser and 532-80 green laser laser in the industrial laser industry are huge breakthrough in the development of the laser industry.

The two new lasers can expand and improve the performance of microelectronic, pv and related industries.Specifically, the 355-55 uv laser has a high pulse repetition rate of 150kHz, with an average power of 55W at 355nm.The 532-80 green laser can generate 1-mj pulses of energy at 532nm, which can be converted to an average power of 80W at the maximum pulse repetition rate of 80kHz.


UV lasers can be used to cut flexible substrate and thin printed circuit boards, and high lateral resolution is an important consideration in these applications.The higher power available at 355-55 uv laser can extend the cutting ability to > 200 mu m flexible and multi-layer material.


The 532-80 green laser can be used for the marking, drilling and drilling grooves, and the cutting can effectively absorb the green wavelength of the flexible substrate, including some printed circuit boards, semiconductors and photovoltaic modules.