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Application Of Laser Technology In Automobile

Jun 27, 2018

Laser is the 20th century since the atomic energy,after the computer,the semiconductor,another major human invention,known as the "fastest knife", "the most standard feet", "the brightest light" and "strange laser".Its principles were discovered in 1916 by the famous physicist Einstein,but until 1958 that the laser was first made successful.Laser is in the theoretical preparation and production practice in the context of the urgent need to come into being,it came out, it was an unusually rapid development,laser development not only the ancient optical science and optical technology was new,but also led to the emergence of a whole emerging industry.Laser can make people effectively use the unprecedented advanced methods and means to get unprecedented benefits and results, thus contributing to the development of productive forces.

Application of laser technology in automobile

First,the laser in the automotive industry applications:

1.laser splicing technology of the cold rolling steel

Laser splicing technology of the cold rolling steel is mainly used in automotive door plate,floor, column and other unequal thick steel plate welding,by different or the same thickness,strength, material,cold-rolled steel plate cut into the appropriate size and shape,and then laser welding into an ideal whole.The automobile enterprises use this tailor-welded blanks to punch into specific parts to assemble cars to meet their own and consumers to improve the quality of automotive products, reduce production costs,reduce vehicle weight, reduce fuel consumption, protect the environment and other needs.

Laser welding technology in Europe and the United States has developed rapidly,has entered the commercial application stage now.China has also begun in recent years,extensive use of laser welding technology,but its mother has been dependent on imports,domestic tailor welded blanket is still blank.

2.laser speed technology

Laser speed is the measured object twice with a specific time interval of laser ranging,obtained in the period of time the measured object moving distance,so as to get the moving speed of the measured object.

Application of laser technology in automobile

Second,the several characteristics of the laser speed:

1.As the laser beam is basically a ray,the estimated speed distance is far from the effective distance of the radar speed,can be measured outside the 1000M.

2.High speed accuracy,error <1 km.

3.In view of the principle of laser speed,laser beam must be aimed at the vertical and laser beam plane reflection point,and because the measured vehicle distance is too far,and in a moving state, or body plane is not large,resulting in low success rate of laser speed,the difficulty is large, especially the work of police officers work great intensity,very easy to fatigue.

4.In view of the principle of laser velocity measurement,the laser beam must aim at the plane reflection point of the vertical and laser beam,and because the measured vehicle is too far away,and is in the moving state,or the body plane is not large,difficulty,especially the work of police officers working intensity is very strong,very easy to fatigue.

5.The price is expensive,and now through the formal way to import laser gun(excluding viewfinder and control part of the price)at least about ten thousand dollars.