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Application Of CO2 Laser Cutting Technology In The Mobile Phone Film Cutting Industry

Jun 26, 2018

With the development of the mobile internet, the smart phones are more popular, and the quality demand for smart phones is getting more and more high, and also the related accessories also getting sophisticated. As the frequently used film on mobile phones, the high accuracy cutting technology of the PET protection film is the new requirements.

According to the high precision cutting requirement of the mobile film, more and more manufacturers have adopted laser cutting machine. Currently, the best cost-effective cutting technology on the market is CO2 laser cutting technology. Using advanced CO2 laser, excellent optical mode and optical path to form a more perfect light spot, reduce the heat affected zone, and cut high quality mobile phone film products (PET protective film, display panel).

CO2 laser cutting technology has the unique advantages, making it more suitable for film precision cutting, and also is better meet to the needs of the IT industry.

Laser cutter working on mobile phone case

CO2 laser cutting technology advantages

Technology is expanding in recent years in the field of CO2 laser, the CO2 laser machine from SD laser improved with high speed, the laser cutting machine with high precision and working speed, is more safe and reliable, the cutting with high quality and stable performance; compare with other industries, it has a variety of unique technical advantages. With the repeat positioning accuracy of ± 0.005mm and the comprehensive processing accuracy of ± 0.05mm, all these machine ensure high quality to meet the various high precision processing of the thin mobile phone film, also the CO2 laser machine use the imported advanced CNC system, ensure these machine to be the best in the non-metal film materials precision finishing industry.

Following is the advantage of SD co2 laser cutting machine:

1. Fast speed and high precision: equipped with imported servo motor, double screw gantry drive structure, imported guide rail and CNC system, ensure fast cutting speed, high machining precision, smooth and high stability.

2. Best cutting quality: equipped with imported sealed CO2 Laser, excellent optical mode and optical path make the laser spot more perfect and reduce heat affected area.

3. Safe and reliable: granite base, all in one closed structure, and long lifetime.

4. easy to operate: specialized laser cutting software, support dxf, plt and other file formats, data processing is more convenient, user-friendly interface.

5. Optional CCD: automatically find the location point, and cut according to the scheduled graphics position.

application of co2 laser cutting machine

CO2 laser cutting technology in other industries

CO2 laser technology can be applied to not only the mobile phone film industry, but also PC film, PET, PET, PC, PET, PC, PET, Film, PP film, Kevlar, leather and other non-metal materials precision cutting. It is suitable for laser precision cutting in the fields of screen protection film, acrylic board, OCA optical glue, PET display panel, touch screen, FPC, PCB, electronic paper, polarizer, product Logo, digital product injection nozzle.