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Analysis And Treatment Of Welding Quality

Jun 27, 2018

With the development of laser, laser welding machine technology is becoming more and more mature. However, in the actual welding production process, but also for various reasons and have a variety of problems. How to identify the causes of the problem, how to solve the emergence of quality problems, which is the production process management process is a very important part.

First of all, to check the welding quality of welding quality inspection, there are generally visual inspection and destructive testing of two methods.

Visual inspection as the name implies, the staff according to their rich work experience to determine whether the qualified welding products, but if the test on the conclusion is not enough, which requires a destructive test, that is, to tear the welding base metal to confirm.In addition, tensile strength can also be used to test the tensile strength.

Secondly, according to the phenomenon of cause analysis.

In general, if there is poor welding process, there may be a problem with the material, laser welding machine need to check the quality of materials after the replacement of materials or change the laser welding machine waveform setting process conditions to solve;

laser welding machine

If the same part of the welding products continue to weld bad, it is likely that the workstations and clamps have problems;

If there is occasional welding and solder joint phenomenon, you can check the energy stability of the welding machine or table and fixture whether there is a problem.

Once again, strengthen the welding quality assurance management.

In the welding process, one should always use the pressure tester to test the welding pressure to keep the pressure unchanged, at the same time, often to do the welding head of the action to check the situation;

Second, to strengthen the monitoring of the current to avoid the power supply voltage fluctuations, welding machine overload caused by overheating caused by reduced current output, poor contact with the workpiece caused by poor current, poor performance of laser welding machine and other issues;

Three to consider the workpiece thickness, coating thickness, metal composition changes, to avoid the emergence of poor welding products. Reduce product loss rate.