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Advantages Of Laser Cutting Machine Used In Plastic Processing

Jun 26, 2018

The laser cutting machine can be used in the latest plastic processing, laser beam focused by this machine and works on the surface of plastic materials, use the high temperature of laser to make the material melt, and then laser beam runs along a certain track on the plastic products, to get the ideal plastic products.

plastic laser cutting machine

When mentioned about the plastic products, many people will think of the selling barrels, baskets, basins, etc. that selling roadside, with the development of science and technology, plastic products have more products than the above mentioned, auto, electronics, medical equipment are all use some products that made by plastics, and even aerospace that with high-tech, sophisticated and cutting-edge fields are used plastics. In these high-end fields, the plastic materials need to meet the laser cutting requirements. Plastic processing with laser cutting machine has the following advantages:

First, the best cutting quality, laser cutting is non-contact cutting, with little heat affected area, the workpiece without deformation, completely avoid the deformation of the edge with the mold cutting, smooth cutting edge, and do not need secondary processing generally.

Second, plastic laser cutting can improve the speed of new product development: the products can be process immediately just after drawing is formed, and get the sample of the new products within short time.

laser cutting machine in plastic

Third, plastic material process with laser cutting machine save the mold costs of plastic products, laser cutting do not need any mold, so without this consumption and repair cost for mold, save replacement time, thus save the processing costs and reduce manufacturing costs, laser cutting is suitable for processing with large products or small quantities plastic products.

Plastic is widely used; it is an indispensable part of home appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, PCs, medical equipment, lighting appliances, so plastic processing applications are also essential.