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Advantage Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Jun 14, 2018

Fiber laser marking machine use the high-energy laser light partial irradiates on the surface of workpiece, makes the surface layer material vaporization or color changes, and then gets the permanent marking.


Fiber laser marking machine can marks a variety of text, symbols and patterns, the size of character from millimeters to microns, which is of special significance for the security of the product. After focusing, the very thin laser beam as a tool, and remove the surface layer materials of objects point by point, its advanced nature is that the marking process is non-contact processing, does not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, and will not damage the workpiece. Due to the small size of the focused laser with small heat-affected area fine processing, therefore, it can finish some processing that the conventional methods cannot achieve.

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What kind of information the fiber laser marks only related to the contents that design in the computer, as long as the artworks that the computer designed can be identified by the marking system, then the marking machine can will fulfill the information on the suitable  carrier accurately.

Fiber laser marking machine technology is one of the largest laser processing applications, is the other processes cannot be compared such as the screen printing, ink printing, stamping, electrical corrosion and so on.

Its advantages are increasingly obvious, following is the main performance:

1. Fiber laser marking machine with high processing reliability. The graphics, text, serial number marked clearly, wear-resistant, and it is non-contact processing, so the workpiece will not be damaged and without deformation.

2. with computer graphics and layout, high scientificity.

3. Higher anti-counterfeiting performance. Make sure that your product is not easy to be fake, genuine, and insure popular of your products.

4. High marking speed, timeliness, will add endless economic benefits for your business.

5. Fine processing, beautiful, with strong appreciation. Marked logo with high precision and good looking

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