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What Are The Relevant Skills Required To Use A Laser Engraver?

Dec 18, 2018

First of all, you need to be proficient in the operation of the machine. The series of operations from connection start to shut down and shutdown need to be skilful.

Secondly, you have to use the software installed on your laser engraving machine. This is not easy. The operating software installed by different manufacturers is different when you leave the factory. Unless he specifically specifies them, the manufacturers install the software they purchased to provide them. This is also the reason why many of our laser engraving machine manufacturers recommend after-sales training. Sometimes, training in just a few days is much more efficient than their own exploration, and it can be put into production quickly.

Again, the parameters of the cutting engraving should be roughly understood. For example, if you cut and engrave acrylic with different thicknesses, how much power should you use, you need to know about the range, otherwise, it would be a waste of time to try the best cutting effect a little. The solution is to directly consult the after-sales technology, and the cutting parameter list is basically available to every manufacturer.

In addition, the optical path adjustment is a big problem. When the laser equipment is shipped from the factory, the optical path will be adjusted in advance. Generally, there will be no problem. Sometimes, after a certain period of time, the optical path will be deviated, resulting in poor engraving and cutting. You need to adjust, how to adjust is also a big project, it is generally recommended to find a technical staff to adjust, to tell the specific problems of their engraving to the technical listening, professional technicians can usually find answers based on the problems; You can adjust it yourself, ask the technology to adjust the manual, and adjust it slowly.

Again, security issues, when the device fails, you must know how to deal with it, you can not repair it, but it will be handled urgently to prevent unnecessary losses and accidents.

Finally, many small engraving problems may make you unprepared (laser tube life, mirrors, focusing mirrors, etc.), don't worry at this time, laser engraving machine as a precision equipment, market adjustment is a normal phenomenon, and laser machine parts There are many problems with the various accessories used in combination, which may cause deviations in the cutting effect of our equipment, and we must be patiently checked. And to learn the maintenance of the equipment, as far as possible, let the laser equipment serve us for a longer time.