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Wood Laser Engraving Machine

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Product Details

Wood Laser Engraving Machine Description

Wood Laser Engraving Machine adopts the aviation light path system, Special Dustproof Linear Module, Its Zero-maintenance for the fully optical path, guarantee the smoothness of the light knife moving and high engraving precision. Realize computer drawing(effect drawing), make all kinds of drawings, characters, graphics context, plenty and normative, cooperate with laser engraving software and make the effect of graphics context perfectly. Large format visual working window, Large processing area, high speed, high precision, smooth cutting edges, narrow cutting slot, easy working procedure, and easy to operate. The laser machine adopts high-quality stepper motor, LED lighting for work area, a red light positioning function, private patent inside the structure. It's compact, layout reason, performance stable, and can continue working for a long time; Special Dustproof Linear Module, X, Y-axis of the whole machine running speed is very fast, Whole Machine empty travel speed also can reach 90000mm/Min. the light knife moving along with X, Y-axis horizontally non-touching, no mechanical distortion, perfect engraving effect, adopt CO2 sealed laser tube as the heat sources of the machine, integrate the most advanced computer digital control technique, it's a high-tech digital control product unified optical, mechanism and electricity.

Wood Laser Engraving Machine Parameter

Laser tube

 CO2 Laser

Cooling Method

Built-in Water Cooling System

Engraving Speed


Cutting Speed


Z-Axle Height

100MM Adjustable/MIRA Plus 150MM Adjustable

Laser Output Control

1-100% Set by Software

Minimum Engraving Size

Chinese Character 2.0mm*2.0mm, English Letter 1.0mm*1.0mm

Max Scanning Precision


Locating Precision


Cutting Thickness

0-8mm(depends on different materials )

Graphic Format Supported


Compatible Software

CorelDraw/Photoshop/AutoCAD/All kinds of Embroidery Software

Power Supply

AC 220V+10%, 50Hz/60Hz

The main features of Wood Laser Engraving Machine

working table

1.X、Y-The whole seal tells the whole machine to run fast, the carving speed can reach 140000mm/min and the cutting speed can reach 68000mm / min. The guide is guaranteed for three years. High precision, high speed, one-year maintenance.


2. The large-format visual working window and LED light bar lighting function made of laser protective materials allow customers to easily observe the entire process of engraving.

unique appearance design

3. Unique appearance design, solid body steel frame structure, square tube body, the whole body are CNC machined welding, no matter in the process of long-distance transportation or the customer's use, to avoid the trembling and resonance during operation. Never deformed.


4. The flight light system adopts the focusing lens and the reflection lens produced by the United States II-IV imported materials, which greatly saves the heat loss of the laser in the air propagation, has a long life, and is stable in the engraving.

drive system

5. High-precision three-phase stepping drive system makes the edge of the cutting effect free from ripples.

laser control system

6.Professional DSP laser control system, coredraw&CAD control directly.Advanced working software which compatible with AutoCAD, CORELDRAW, Photoshop and some other kinds of graph disposal software. The user can operate the machine by CORELDRAW or CAD.

Sample of Wood Laser Engraving Machine 

Wood Laser Engraving Machine Sample