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High Speed Metal Laser Cutting Machine

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Product Details

laser cutting machine Working Principle

Laser cutting is a technology which uses a laser to cut materials and is usually used in industrial manufacturing. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high power laser at the material to be cut.
The material then either melts, burns or vaporizes away leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish.

High-Speed Metal And Non-Metal Laser Cutting Machine description

1. This machine is one type of large-scale laser cutting, the laser beam is more stable than the traditional type, and the life of the laser tube is more than 10000 hours.
 2. Compared with the ordinary laser machine, this machine adopts more scientific design and high-strength steel-frame structure, which increase the body of the machine to 40% to protect the machine from distortion after long-term work.
 3. The human-oriented and modern appearance shows Yidiao's consistent customer-concerned idea, the design also makes the operation and maintenance easier.

High-Speed Metal  Laser Cutting Machine Technical system

1.High precision ball-screw system             
2.Panasonic Servo System
3.Untouched following system                 
4.Fixed beam optical system
5.Industrial chiller                            
6.Off-computer controlling system

High-Speed Metal  Laser Cutting Machine Samples

High Speed Metal  Laser Cutting Machinelaser cutting machine

Our service

Pre-sale service

1. Free sample testing:

For free sample testing, please send your samples or products CAD Graphics to our company in China. Sample shipping back cost should be paid by the purchaser.

2. Progressing Solution Design

According to customer’s product processing requirement, we can design the unique solution that supports higher manufacturing efficiency and better processing quality for the customer.

After-sale service

1. Warranty

The whole Machine warranty for 3years.

2. Technical support 

Lifelong technical support online or by email and respond to you within 24 hours.

3. Oversea service

Offer oversea service for training, installing, operating if necessary (The accommodations cost should be borne by your side) 

4. Training service

Offer training at our factory for free (always welcome you to visit us and learn the operation).