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CO2 Laser CNC Machine

CO2 Laser CNC Machine
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Product Details

Product Description
Technically & Beautifully Designed
M series was designed by Almira LABS from Istanbul, Turkey. It was built on 10 years' design experience, customer feedback, and smart thinking.
Offering a larger work table and a deeper Z depth than Mira for clients who need a little more space. 
Find a speedy laser with large size.
Offering full functionality, sleek design and a sensible price it's the educational and DIY desirable desktop laser engraving cutting machine. 
Available in Glass, Metal tube options.

Engraving  SpeedEngraving Speed0~1200 mm/sec.
Speed Acceleration5 G
Cutting Speed0~780 mm/sec.

Main performance parameters
Laser Power40W 60W 80W
Working Area450*700mm
Up and Down Range150mm
Control systemControllerRuida RDC6442
SoftwareRDWorks V8.1
FormatsAI, CDR, AutoCAD files

Clean pack design and concise controller

"Clean Pack" technology is designed to protect your mechanic parts from the pollution of dust, dirt, and smoke, giving you consistently high engraving results, the ability to work at high speed, prolonged component life.


Let's talk communication
The machine is built on a high-speed multi communication system. You can connect to your computer by Wi-Fi, USB cable, LAN network cable and transfer your data by USB Flash disk. M series has a 256 MB memory buffer, a user-friendly color screen control panel. Off memory recover function supported.


Lightburn Professional Software

Lightburn software is used very friendly and it has industry required features and functions. Supports MacBook.


Strong modern body
M series was designed by Almira LABS from Istanbul, Turkey. It was built on 10 years of design experience, customer feedback, and smart thinking. Integrated recessed LED Lights on both sides fully illuminate the cabinet. Being recessed and covered provides ease of keeping your cabinet clean. An optional factory stand is available.


Main Features
1) Combiner red dot pointer.
2) Very fast engraving speed.
3) Space-saving. 
4) Wifi and autofocus are available.
5) Safe keylock protection.



Our Service
1. We offer a 1-year free warranty for the machine. Consumable parts as laser tubes and lens are guaranteed for 6-9 months.
2. Free parts delivery service.
3. Home delivery service.

1. Why your machines are expensive than other Chinese suppliers, why you are different from other Chinese laser machine manufacturers?
This should be a very long answer. To make it short: 
First and most important, we design, other Chinese companies just copy. 
Second, we selected parts because it is best to fit with our machine, not because of the price or the function. A lot of Chinese manufactures just adopted the best parts, but they don't know how to make a good machine. Artists can create beautiful art with an ordinary pen, Same parts in different manufacturers, the quality difference of the final machine can be huge. 
Third, we test the machines carefully. We have set up very strict testing rules and procedures, and we really enforce it. 
Fourth, We improve. We react fast about customers' feedback, and improve our machine whenever is possible. 
We want a perfect machine, whereas other Chinese manufacturers just want to earn money fast. They don't care what craps they are selling, we care. That's why we could do better. To do better will cost more,  that is for sure. But, we'll never let you down.
2. What is your warranty policy? How do you fulfill it? 
We got a year's warranty on our machine. 
For laser tubes, mirrors, focus lenses, we offer 6 months warranty. For the RECI laser tube, they were covered in 12months. 
3. How do I know the tube is nearly used up?
The normal color of the laser beam is purple while working. When a tube is dying, the color will become white.
4. What's the difference between the different laser tubes?
Usually, the power of the tube is decided by two parameters:
The length of the tube, the longer the tube is the more powerful.
The diameter of the tube, the bigger the tube is more powerful.
5. What's the lifetime of the laser tube?
The normal life tube of a laser tube is about 5000 hours according to how you use it.
6. Can I install a different lens in your laser head?
Yes, you could install a 1.5 inches and 2-inch focus lens in M serial laser head. For N serial laser head, you could install 2 inches,2.5 inches, and 4inch focus lens.

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