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3D Laser Cutting Machine

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With the increasing complexity of the workpieces, the flat laser cutting machine has been unable to meet the processing needs of some industries, and the 3D Laser Cutting Machine came into being. The three-dimensional laser cutting machine can perform multi-angle and multi-directional flexible cutting on the workpiece, and the processing method is more flexible, which can effectively improve the processing efficiency, and is widely used in the fields of automobile, aerospace and so on. 


3D Laser Cutting Machine is mainly used for non-metal engraving and cutting. It is suitable for most industries, such as clothing and shoemaking, paper art, woodcraft, etc. It has been widely used in wood, acrylic, PVC plastic, plexiglass, architectural model. , the cutting of rubber sheets and bamboo products. It is also used to cut glass and marble, and you can use a variety of text and graphics as needed.


Laser type

Closed CO2 laser tube

Laser power


Carving area


Engraving speed


Cutting  speed


Repeated positioning accuracy



AC 110 - 220V±10%, 50 - 60Hz

Total power


Working temperature

0 - 45℃

Working moisture


Min engraving character

1*1mm in English

Graphic format


Driving system

Three-phase stepper


Top and bottom(200mm)

Cooling way

Water cooling and protective system

Auxiliary  equipment

Exhaust and exhaust pipe

Control software


Compatible software

CorelDraw AutoCAD Photoshop


1.Clean pack design 
The most problem of laser machines reason is dust. Smoke and dirt particles are made your results very bad and machines work slowly. Clean pack design protects you are all of the mechanic parts and give you perfect results, high speed working and long life maintenance risk-free. 
2.LT ProSmart software 
The LT ProSmart software is user-friendly and it has perfect operation functions. You can set technic details and operate it very easy. It will support all the formats as using on market and can direct work inside of CorelDraw.Illustrator and AutoCAD.Even you can use a direct-print function like printers. 
The new LT series was built on the high-speed multi-communication system. You can connect to your machine by Wi-Fi.USB cable.LAN network to your machine by Wi-Fi, USB cable, LAN network cable and transfer your data, by USB Flash disk. Machines have 256 MB memory. Easy use of color screen control panel.With off-line working mode when your electricity down and the open machine will run on stop position. 
4.Multi-Functional Table Design 
Depends on your material you have to use different working tables. The new LT series has HoneyComb table Knife table as standard configuration. It has to vacuum under the honeycomb table. With the pass-through design easy access to use big size material. 
5.Faster Than Others 
The new LT series designed maximum effective working style.With the high-speed digital step motors. Taiwan made linear guides, Japanese bearings, and maximum speed design. It will up to 1 meter/second engraving speed 300mm/second cutting speed with 1.5G acceleration. The best choice in the market. 
6.Separatable &Modem Body 
We have extensive experience in professional technical elite team and development team. The body can separate 2 parts to move it from any door size 80cm LED lights from the left and right side looking machine inside view very bright.


3D Laser Cutting Machine