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The perfect fusion of laser engraving cutting in art

Jul 31, 2017

In the present China, art is not only in the traditional art of the past, and now the art has a lot of forms, however, whether it is traditional art or modern emerging new art types, many kinds have been with the laser engraved opened.

Ancient China has a lot of traditional art, "paper cutting" is one of the same. Paper-cut art is rare in the south, but in the north that every household must have a job. Many families to this as a traditional generation of the pass down, there are traders to cut paper art into a commodity for sale. And now laser engraving has been widely used in paper-cut processing.

In a paper-cut processing company's paper-cut processing plant, there are three or five workers in an orderly and busy, more than a dozen paper laser machine at high speed operation, only beam laser in a red non-woven back and forth wandering, a few minutes time, more than a dozen festive folk paper-cut works to complete.


It only takes a few minutes to process a set of paper-cut with a paper laser engraving machine, and a machine can work 24 hours a day, shortening the time by five or six hours than the manual cutting of a set of works. Hundreds of thousands of paper cutting, if by artificial cutting, to use 100 people day and night processing nearly 3 months to complete. But now there is a paper laser engraving machine,all this has become different, and a few people can be in ten days to easily complete.

In addition to the traditional process useful to laser engraving, the modern emerging art is also full use of the laser, the most obvious is the laser cutting.

Metal, giving the first impression is hard,and art gives the impression that the kind of misty aura. Metal and art seem to have no intersection at all, but there are exceptions,laser cutting gold technology and the artist's rich creative with the hard steel plate can also be transformed into a soft body and wings, like laser technology after cutting the metal Phoenix.


Laser cutting as the current popular laser technology accounted for more important position of the laser cutting technology, in fact, has long been widely used in sheet metal processing and metal processing, and compared with the traditional cutting process, laser cutting machine can cut the quality better workpieces, and reduced the processing steps.