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laser marking technology in mobile phone industry

Dec 19, 2017

Laser marking machine has been applied to many industries, also the mobile phone manufacturing industry, the shell of the Apple phone is alumina, marking with laser machine on iphone is commonly called black marking on aluminium oxide.

metal marking (93).jpg

On a mobile phone, the marks that marked with laser machine exist everywhere, such as: logo marking, cell phone case marking, cell phone battery marking, cell phone accessories marking, etc., even some parts inside the phone that you cannot see, marked with laser marking machine.

Traditional marking methods is printing with silk-screen, the printing ink with heavy  ink odor, and the marking not fine enough, the color is difficult to realize as you want, so the marking is not ideal. As the silk-screen printing ink composed by some heavy metal chemical elements, most merchants designated to use low carbon environmental protection marking materials and technology, so laser marking machine instead the old silk-screen little by little, marking with laser machine, the mobile phones get the permanent marks, which can improve the anti-counterfeiting ability, but also increase the added value of the products, makes the mobile looks more slap-up.

mobile shell (1).jpg

With the development of the times and the demand of market application, the laser marking machines are more and more used in all industries. Laser marking as one modern and high precision processing method, is more preponderant than all other traditional  marking ways, such as printing, mechanical scribing, EDM and so on. Laser marking machine with maintenance-free, high flexibility, high reliability, especially used for fine marking, and the marking with high depth and smooth demand, not only iphone, but also many domestic brands of mobile phones have strict requirements for the marking on mobiles.

Represented by mobile phones, the personal electronic products are changing and facilitating the lives of people greatly. Functionalization, intelligentialize, dexterity and beauty are the new requirement for the development of mobile phones. With the improvement of technological progress on the microelectronics industry and the personalization pursuing of mobile phone for people, the fine laser marking technology will play an increasingly important role in the manufacture of mobile phones. At the same time, lasers are also driving the development of other microelectronics manufacturing-related industries.

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